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This week we are talking about different types of dirt, peat and mulch.

We talked to Barry from Jonathan Green. He had some great information about how to keep your lawn and the microorganisms in your soil healthy.

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This week we cover some great tips for water heaters. There have been some big changes in gas water heaters. They now have a flame arrestor and a filter to prevent explosions and fires. You now have to keep these parts clean to prevent the pilot light from going out. You no longer have a traditional thermocouple on many water heaters.

We talk about some great routines to keep your water heater safe. It is amazing that a water heater can explode if you don't check your relief valve regularly.

We explain what an expansion tank will do for your water heater and appliances.

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This week we talk about how to prevent and kill crabgrass. There are some excellent non-toxic products that will keep crabgrass and other weeds from germinating and also fertilize your lawn. We then cover some simple tips for your lawn mower and how you should be mowing.

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